All Pro Mission statement: "It is our purpose to provide an exceptional, clean virtual racing environment for the simulated racing community while making new friends."

The All Pro Simulated Racing League was founded in February of 2009, with a mission of providing a more realistic racing environment, one with emphasis on racing rather than socializing.  The APSRL also caters to a more diverse community of racers, offering several different series for a wider range of driving skills.  The series is broken up into several different race nights, with most of the series also broken into multiple segments.  Each segment crowns its own champion.

The APSRL runs on one simulator platform - the iRacing Motorsports Simulations service.  The APSRL accepts any sim racer that demonstrates mature, responsible driving habits and good control of their race vehicle.  Casual racers are welcome in the APSRL, but they may find the race environment a bit too strict.  The APSRL rules package is strict, and not very forgiving of those that aren't serious about their sim racing.  This is by design.  We penalize drivers for causing yellow flag conditions, or that are otherwise disruptive to green-flag racing.  We utilize a "three-strike" policy for enforcing sportsmanship, a quality that we place at the top of our priorities.

Our rules are rather lengthy and detailed, but familiarity with them is expected of all drivers that race with us.  Please look over our rules carefully, and be familiar with them before you log into our race server to race.  If you have any questions about the APSRL, please click on the "Contact Us" menu link at the upper-right of the screen to contact the league administrator.  If you wish to race with us, start by clicking the Registration link on the main menu above.

About the All Pro Simulated Racing League

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