Estimated time: 10 minutes including random roll call

  1. Make sure that you have read and understand the league rules and procedures. If you have any questions about them, ask immediately after the drivers meeting.

  2. No "horse-play", demolition acts, parking on the race track, or anything other than standard practice laps during practice. These things will get you ejected from the session.

  3. The race leader controls the start and all restarts up to the point where the green flag is displayed, and may fire any time after the pace car has completely exited the race track. Until that point the leader must maintain a steady pace speed, +/- 2 mph. Leader will have lane choice for the start and restarts, chosen by moving to the top or bottom after taking the "one to go" indication.

  4. No chatting after the one-to-go indication has been given to the leader, except for courtesy advisories.

  5. No profanity, name-calling, criticism or other disrespectful comments allowed on any public channel.

  6. Anyone causing a yellow flag to be displayed must pit and speed by 3-5 mph under that caution period. You will be parked upon your third credited caution incident.

    FOR ROAD COURSE EVENTS ONLY: Full course yellow flags are OFF. The only incidents that will be reviewed post-race are those that are REQUESTED to be reviewed by a member immediately following the race. A one-position penalty will be assessed to the driver at fault for any multi-car spin incident if the driver at fault doesn't give any positions gained from the incident back immediately.

  7. The outer-most pit road lane must be used for incoming traffic when pitting, and you must stay in the outside lane until you get to within three pit box lengths (including yours) of your pit box. You cannot pass another car using the inside lane unless that car is severely off-pace.

  8. Any vehicle significantly off-pace under caution and holding up other drivers getting to pit road is expected to either tow or ask for an EOL ASAP.

  9. Physical retaliation against another member will result in an immediate removal from the session and a 90-day suspension from the league.

  10. Black flags and post-race penalties by the AI are not cleared. No exceptions.

  11. Our warp policy is a three step process. On the first report of a warping vehicle, the offender will draw a verbal warning. On a vehicle's second indication of warp, as reported by another competitor, the condition must be verified by at least one other competitor immediately. Upon verification, admins will issue EOL to the offender if verification is provided while under caution, or a BF if under green. On a vehicle's third indication of warp, as reported by another competitor, the condition must again be verified by at least one other competitor immediately. Upon verification, admins will issue a DQ to the offender. A post-race review will be conducted to verify the warp issue. If the claim is found to be false, then the driver that made the initial claim and the driver verifying the claim will receive an incident strike.  This is to prevent abuse of the policy.

  12. If you come to a stop on the race track or pit road as the result of an incident, please sit still and wait until it is safe to move.

  13. Lapped cars must yield to lead-lap cars immediately upon being asked by the approaching lead-lap car's driver. If you're on the tail-end of the lead lap and getting pressure from the leader, once the leader gives you a verbal notice to move out of the way then you will be held responsible for any incident that occurs as a result of the leader trying to pass you.

  14. Banking off the outside wall in the corners, when used to gain a performance advantage is not allowed, and will draw a penalty.

  15. By joining this race session a driver agrees to be subject to and abide by all of the league rules. If you're not clear on a rule, it's your responsibility to get clarification on it after the drivers meeting.

  16. Questions or comments before the roll call?



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