Updated on January 2, 2018

  1. SPORTSMANSHIP: All members are required to show good sportsmanship and be respectful of their fellow drivers, the league, and of the series officials. This applies at ALL TIMES, whether before, during or after the actual race. Sportsmanship and reckless driving penalties will be strictly enforced via the standard league incident point system.

  2. OVERAGGRESSIVE DRIVING. Continually placing yourself in a position to wreck yourself, and more importantly others will be noted by officials and will be dealt with severely. This may include a week or more suspension.  It could also mean going home and finding a new place to race. See rule number one. Net-code issues are part of simulated racing over a public network, and we all know that there is a potential for "assumed contact". Don't put yourself in a bad spot and become a potential victim of a net-code incident. Allow room when you are racing close proximity.

  3. DISCIPLINARY PROBATION: Certain multi-step penalties will carry an initial penalty of PROBATION, with a follow-up suspension penalty, if necessary.  Penalties that carry an initial step of probation include:

    - Contact with another previously uninvolved car after attempting to rejoin the field (follow-up penalty = one week suspension);

    - Reckless driving (follow-up penalty = one month suspension);

    - Flaming or disrespectful comments towards another party (follow-up penalty = one month suspension);

    - Intentionally causing a yellow flag period (follow-up penalty = one week suspension);

    - Horseplay (follow-up penalty = one week suspension);

    - Inside yellow line violations at Daytona and Talladega (follow-up penalty = one week suspension);

    - Pit road lane violations (follow-up penalty = one week suspension);

    - Jumped starts (follow-up penalty = one week suspension).

    Repeated violations occurring while on probation for the initial infraction will result in a follow-up suspension, as prescribed above.

  4. CHATTING: No chatting after the one-to-go indication has been given to the leader, except for the word "SORRY", the phrase "LEADER COMING", and simple, concise reporting to admins of other members warping. Excessive chatting, regardless of content will draw warning for first offence, then a mute for the remainder of the session.

  5. FLAMING: No profanity, name-calling, criticism or other disrespectful comments allowed on any public channel. Cursing at another member, the league or a league admin will result in the offender being muted for the remainder of the session and will be placed on a one-month probation. Any repeated occurrence while on probation will result in a one-month suspension from the league.

  6. WARP: On the first indication of warp, as reported by another competitor, the offender will draw a verbal warning. On the second indication of warp, as reported by another competitor, the condition must be verified by at least one other competitor immediately. If verified by 2nd competitor, then admins will issue EOL to the offender if verification is made under caution, or a level one BF if under green. A post-race review will be conducted to verify the warp issue. If found to be false, then the driver that made the initial claim and the driver verifying the claim will receive an incident strike. This is to prevent harassment. On the third indication of warp, as reported by another competitor, the condition must be verified by at least one other competitor immediately. If verified by 2nd competitor, then admins will issue DQ to the offender. A post-race review will be conducted to verify the warp issue. If found to be false, then the driver that made the initial claim and the driver verifying the claim will receive an incident strike.

  7. INCIDENTAL YELLOW FLAGS: ASPHALT OVAL EVENTS: Anyone causing a caution period, whether net-code related or not must come down pit road, under that caution period and self-penalize by speeding by at least five to seven MPH to draw an EOL penalty After the race, admins will perform a review of each caution period to determine if the person deemed at-fault did, in fact self-penalize for that incident. Anyone deemed at fault who did not self-penalize will be penalized one lap and EOL, per occurrence in the final results. Scoring stops upon a driver's third credited caution incident.

  8. INCIDENTAL YELLOW FLAGS: CHARLOTTE/LVMS/TEXAS/ATL QM: Same procedure as used for asphalt oval events, but the offender will have the option to verbally request an EOL, rather than being required to speed on pit road.

  9. INCIDENTAL YELLOW FLAGS: DIRT AND ROAD COURSE EVENTS: Caution incident management for dirt events and road course events will be PROTEST-BASED. Caution incidents will not be reviewed by the commission unless a verbal protest is levied for a specific caution incident within 15 minutes after the completion of the race. When reviewing a protested caution incident, the commission will be looking to see if the drivers at fault for the incident trigger came down pit road to self-serve penalize. If one of them did not self-penalize, then he will be penalized one lap and EOL in the final results. In some cases, there will be only one driver held at fault, depending on the incident circumstances. Note that self-penalizing is accomplished by merely coming down pit road, with no requirement to speed on pit road.

    Hold your position when the caution flag comes out.  DO NOT race back to the caution flag.  This goes for the final lap of the race, as well. The field will be frozen as soon as the caution lights come on.  If the race does not go back green after a caution period and the race concludes under yellow, then we'll go back to the replay and freeze the display as soon as the yellow lights come on. The running order at that point will be the unofficial results, pending movement of the driver that caused the caution flag to the tail of the lap.  Otherwise, if we have a green-flag restart then everyone will line up for the restart based on your spotters' commands.

    The highest running driver not on the lead lap will be given the Lucky Dog wave-by by the simulation, if they weren't involved in the caution incident.  Officials will not intervene in the process.

  10. INSIDE YELLOW LINE: Drivers may not pull alongside another car with any portion of their race vehicle while below the yellow line at any point on the speedway while under green or while racing back to the caution flag.  If they do so, then they must fall back completely behind the car that they pulled alongside of while they were on the yellow line before attempting any subsequent pass attempt on that car.  Under no circumstances will a driver be allowed to gain a position at the start/finish line if ANY part of the pass was made while said driver was on or below the yellow line.  Since it is too difficult to establish just how far across the line is too much, the line will be drawn right on the yellow line's outer boundary. That means, if you so much as touch it ANYWHERE on the track while attempting to gain a position on the driver directly in front of you without being forced down there by direct contact, then you must fall back behind the car.  However, if you are being challenged by another car on the outside and you, as the inside car touch the yellow line then you may hold your ground and race for the position.  This rule applies only to the driver touching the yellow line while making a challenge to advance his position on the inside lane. Furthermore, any driver touching the apron (the area below the apron boundary line) that results in contact with another car that results in one or both cars being involved in a wreck and related yellow flag will be given credit for the incident, and will be required to take the pit road penalty on the second lap of caution.

  11. PIT ROAD ETIQUETTE: Outside lane required to be used for incoming traffic, and you must stay in outside lane until you get to within three pit box lengths (including yours) of your pit box. You cannot cross over the line to the inside lane until you are within the window described above. You cannot pass to the inside lane unless the car in front of you is severely off pace. When exiting your pit box you must stay in the inside lane until it is safe to move to the outside lane. Offences should be protest-based only. Admins should not seek out violations.

  12. BLOCKING: There is a fine line between aggressive blocking and taking the driver behind's line away.  If you erratically change lanes to block another driver on a straight-away and cause a wreck that results in a yellow flag, then the blocking driver will probably be given credit for the incident. But be advised, just because the driver in front moves down in the corner directly in front of you to protect his position, that isn't considered over-aggressive blocking.

  13. BUMP-DRAFTING: No bump-drafting allowed in the corners. That means the corner entries, as well.  If you wreck another driver due to bump-drafting him in the corner then you will be ruled at fault for the incident.

  14. STARTS AND RESTARTS: The leader may choose his lane for starts and restarts.  The leader controls the start and restarts.  If the pole-sitter is given an EOL before the start of the race, then the P2 driver becomes the leader and the controlling driver.  On all restarts, the leader is responsible to maintain pace speed and a steady line from turn three all the way to the point where he fires with no more than a +/- 2 mph variation in pace speed, and may fire at his discretion anytime after the pace car has pulled completely off the race track.  If the green light comes on first, then the race is on. Adjacent front-row car cannot be ahead of leader when the leader fires or when the green light comes on. Once the leader accelerates, the race is on. On all starts and restarts, drivers are required to maintain no more than a one and a half car length distance between themselves and the car in front of them, and cannot break the plane of the rear bumper of the car in front of them until the racing has begun.  Any driver that gets caught getting an advance run on the driver in front of them before the pole-sitter/race leader has fired or the green light comes on, whichever comes first, and fails to immediately fall back inline and behind the car that was jumped will be penalized one lap and EOL after the race. If the leader violates the steady pace rule coming to the green, the same penalty and procedure will apply. If the outside front row starter is ahead of the leader when the leader fires, same penalty and procedure. No bumping and shoving coming to the start and restarts.

    SPECIAL CASE 1: If you are not within the prescribed two car length distance to the car in front of you when the green light comes on, then you must be running no more than FIVE mph over the pace speed when the green light comes on.  The intent of this case is to prevent cars that are lagging behind from gaining an advantage on restarts.  If the car lagging behind doesn't pass another car that's up to speed before reaching the back stretch, then there will be no penalty for violation of this special case rule.

  15. RETALIATION*: If you have a problem with another driver, it should be settled after the race has concluded, and somewhere other than in your race vehicle.  It will NOT be settled while in one of our league race sessions. Anyone that deliberately and physically targets another league member while connected to our race session will be suspended from the league for a minimum of one month.  If the act is deemed as retaliation* by the commission, then the offender will be suspended for three months for the first offence, or permanently for a repeated offence.  A member may request reinstatement three months after his first offence, but approval for reinstatement must be by a majority vote of league admins.

    *Definition of retaliation: Clearly (majority ruling by admins), or by admission a member deliberately and maliciously rams another driver's car during a league session, where the act can reasonably be be linked to a prior public incident or hostility between the two parties.

  16. COMMUNICATIONS: All participating racers must have a working iRacing two-way voice chat communications system, and be able to clearly communicate with All Pro officials in order to race in All Pro events. We perform random checks on this as required. If you are found to be non-compliant, then you will be removed from the session at that time. If, at any time during the race event you are unable to communicate with officials, then you may be removed from the session immediately, depending on the urgency of the situation at hand. We recommend that you keep a spare headset handy, and check your radio functionality at the beginning of your sessions.  Exceptions may be made for confirmed deaf or mute members if formally requested ahead of time.

  17. DESIGNATED DRIVER: Members may designate another non-probationary member in good standing with the league to log into their iRacing account and race on their behalf THREE times, per series, per season. All points will go to the iRacing account that participates in the race. In order to do this, the designating member must notify one of the All Pro commission members of his intent to use a substitute driver, and provide all details of the sub. Everyone in the session in question will be notified of the sub during the drivers meeting by the race director. Any penalties incurred by the substitute driver will go to the member holding the account being raced under in the session. The penalty for violation of the substitution policy is a DQ from the event in question, loss of all points for the event, and a 30-day suspension from the league, across the board.

  18. CAR NUMBERS:  Car numbers must be approved by the league admin in order to be used in league competition.  Car numbers are assigned to drivers after they register with the league.  However, any league member that is considered as "stagnant", or that has not raced in a league event for a period of three months is subject to lose his assigned car number upon it being requested by another league driver.  New members that fail to start their first race with the league within 30 days are subject to lose their number assignment.

  19. LAPPED CAR ETIQUETTE: Lapped cars must yield to lead-lap cars immediately upon being asked by the approaching lead-lap car. If you're on the tail-end of the lead lap and getting pressure from the leader, once the leader gives you a verbal notice to move out of the way then you will be held responsible for any incident that occurs as a result of the leader trying to pass you. After the leader has lapped and cleared you, then you must NOT challenge anyone else on the lead lap until after you are back on the lead lap. If you do so and cause a yellow flag incident, then you WILL be held responsible for the incident.

  20. DAMAGED CAR ETIQUETTE: If you have severe engine damage, to the point where your race vehicle is smoking then you are prohibited from further racing in the current event.  If you attain a "smoker" status during any race event while under green flag conditions, you are required to go to your pit stall for evaluation by your crew within three laps of the onset of the smoking condition.  If you attain the "smoker" status while under caution, or your "smoker" status carries over into a caution period, then you are required to pit under that caution period and report to your pit box for evaluation by your crew.  You may not reenter the race with a smoking race vehicle.

  21. BLACK FLAGS:  Black flags are final, and will not be cleared by admins regardless of their nature.

  22. BANKING OFF THE WALL: Banking off the outside wall in the corners, when used to gain a performance advantage is not allowed. While occasional contact with the outside wall happens, it will be a judgment call by the commission during the post-race review on deciding if a penalty is called for. The penalty will typically be a number of laps, as deemed appropriate by the commission.

  23. TIE-BREAKERS:  In the event that two or more drivers have the same number of championship points at the end of a series, the deciding factor will be the number of race wins for the current series' season.  In any series that features a chase for the championship format and associated regrouping of the points, then the chase races will be considered a separate series from the regular-season events.  If there is a tie for the number of wins in the current series, then the deciding factor will be the percentage of laps led for the current series' season.  If there is a tie on the percentage of laps led, then the deciding factor will be the number of laps completed for the current series' season.  If there is a tie on the number of laps completed, then the championship will be decided by the number of pole positions won during the current series' season.  If there is still a tie after all of the above considerations, then both drivers will share the championship.

  24. DISABLED CAR ETIQUETTE:  Any car that runs out of fuel, gets stuck in the grass, can't move due to flat tires, or otherwise becomes disabled and slows to more than 5 mph below pace speed must IMMEDIATELY, upon request from any driver behind him CALL THE TOW TRUCK or otherwise remove themselves from the race track.  Failure to comply will result in:

    a) if the offense is caught and officials notified during the race, then a green-flag period BLACK FLAG will be issued against the offender. 
    b) if officials aren't notified during the race, then a one lap penalty will be assessed against the offending driver, post-race.

    Vehicles that run out of gas on the last lap may not be assisted in any way by another vehicle in crossing the start/finish line. Any driver that assists another disabled driver by pushing him while under yellow-flag conditions or on the last lap of a race will face the same penalty outlined above.

  25. POST-RACE POLICY:  Due to the league's policies pertaining to bonus points and penalty points based on iRacing incident points, there will be no post-race bumping and rubbing.  Any post-race contact that results in iRacing incident points and a proper dispute filed by a competitor will result in an official review of the incident, with the offending driver receiving an incident strike.  This will be a judgment call by officials, and in some cases the car that gets hit may be held responsible, based on the circumstances involving the incident. With the exception of the race winner, all drivers must exit the race track after the cool-down lap. If you are involved in a yellow-flag incident and due to warping-out, you are still responsible for the incident unless you can provide video evidence showing that warp-out caused the incident to officials prior to the next morning at 6:00 AM CT. Intentional horseplay and other immature gestures, at any time during the session will result in removal from the session. Repeat offenses will result in dismissal from the league.

  26. LEAGUE SCORING:  Fifty championship points are earned by the race winner. For every TEN iRacing incident points that you receive during a given event, you will lose one point. You must complete at least one lap of an event in order to receive ANY points for the event.

  27. RACE CANCELLATIONS:  Race results for a specific event are not official until the league website has been updated with "RESULTS ARE OFFICIAL" under the respective race report on the home page of the league website.  Any scheduled event for which no usable official results file can be obtained from the iRacing service by the end of the current season will be declared as an unofficial race, and no points will be awarded for the event.

    Our baseline policy is to run all of our scheduled series events as regular point races.  The only exception is for cases where at least one of the following two conditions exist:

    1. The iRacing service is confirmed by at least two All Pro admins as being down, unstable or inaccessible for more than a five-minute period from 7:30 PM central time through 8:00 PM on a given race night;

    2. Severe weather, or other similar natural disaster condition is confirmed to be existent by the All Pro Commission for geographic areas where multiple top-ten drivers in the series in question reside.

    In either of the above cases, if at least SIX of the top TEN in the current series point standings take the green flag for the race in question, then the race will count as a points race.  Otherwise, the race will be run as a non-points event and be declared as unofficial.

  28. TARDINESS:  Any driver that doesn't have a practice lap posted on the board when the end of practice is announced will lose qualifying eligibility for the event and will be given an EOL for the start of the race. Admins will announce the names of all EOL'd drivers during the grid process.  It is the EOL'd drivers responsibility to ensure that he starts the race behind all other "qualified" drivers. Drivers that are required to EOL but "forgetting" to self-EOL at the start of the race will be penalized two laps and EOL after the race is over.

  29. SOCIAL MEDIA ETIQUETTE:  League members are encouraged to share All Pro Sim Racing's Facebook page posts.  However, members that are caught using slanderous remarks against the league to the general public or to other members will be confronted, in writing on their first offence and given a sportsmanship strike.  Repeat offenders will be dismissed from all league activities, without prior notification.

  30. DISPUTES:  Disputes can be filed by sending the league admin a PRIVATE message via Facebook. Disputes must be received within 24 hours of the completion of the event in question.

  31. HORSEPLAY:  Horseplay and other immature acts are prohibited at all times during the session, and will result in removal from the session and being placed on probation. Repeat offenders will be suspended from the league. Examples include banking off the walls repeatedly, beating and banging on each other during practice, abrupt and unexplained manual disconnects during the race, and generally anything that you wouldn't do with your real racecar.


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