2nd Annual All Pro Winchester 300

  • 300 laps at Lucas Oil Raceway

  • Super Late Model

  • Only non-probationary members eligible for event

  • Qualifying on Thursday night, September 17th -
    Fastest 20 non-probationary members can attempt to qualify. Fastest 16 qualifiers plus the top 4 finishers in our 50-lap Last Chance race, plus any previous quarter's series champion provisionals, as needed.  Practice starts at 7:00 PM CT, and live, single-car at a time qualifying begins at 8:00 PM. Substitute drivers allowed for qualifying and Last Chance race, but they must be approved.

  • Virtual Invert: The sum of the digits of the fastest qualifier's fastest qualifying lap will be divided by seven. The remainder digit will determine the "roll of the dice" invert:

    0 = No invert, straight-up start
    1 = No invert, straight-up start
    2 = Invert top two qualifiers
    3 = Invert top three qualifiers
    4 = Invert top four qualifiers
    5 = Invert top five qualifiers
    6 = Invert top six qualifiers

  • All Pro Winchester 300 on Thursday night, September 24th -
    Practice starts at 7:30 PM CT, MANDATORY Drivers Meeting starts at 7:45 PM, and the Winchester 300 grids at 8:00 PM. Any driver not present AND responsive to the 7:45 PM roll-call will be removed from the grid, allowing those behind him to move up one spot, and the 6th place finisher in the last-chance race will be invited to join the grid. We will repeat this step until we have as close to 23 cars in the starting field as possible.

  • Stock iRacing fixed setup for Lucas Oil Raceway

  • iRacing default weather

  • One "fast repair"

  • Drivers may name a delegate driver to qualify and, if necessary race in the Last Chance race for him/her on qualifying night. No delegates allowed for the actual Big Show event. The delegate driver must login and race with the identity of the primary member that is qualifying for the Big Show event, and the primary member will be responsible for any and all actions of the delegate. All delegates must be registered with an All Pro official prior to 7:00 PM on qualifying night.

Posted Awards

  • Race Winner: Sunoco Checkered Flag. Compliments of CCITS and Chuck Chamblee

* Awards posted are the responsibility of the person named along-side them, and are not guaranteed by the All Pro Sim Racing league.


Thursday, Sept 10 Open Practice

8:00 PM CT

SLM Practice session begins
Thursday, Sept 17 Winchester 300 Qualifying

7:00 PM CT

Practice session begins

8:00 PM CT


9:00 PM CT

Last Chance 50-lap Race
Thursday, Sept 24 Winchester 300

7:30 PM CT

SLM Practice session begins

7:50 PM CT

Drivers Meeting

8:00 PM CT

Winchester 300 grids for start

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